NSD does not provide any DNS logging. We believe that this is a separate task and has to be done independently from the core operation. This decision was taken in order to keep NSD focused and minimise its complexity. It is better to leave logging and tracing to separate dedicated tools. Do note, however, that NSD can be compiled with support for DNSTAP (see nsd.conf(5)).

The CAIDA dnsstat tool can easily be configured and/or modified to suit local statistics requirements without any danger of affecting the name server itself. We have run dnsstat on the same machine as NSD, and we would recommend using a multiprocessor if performance is an issue. Of course, dnsstat can also run on a separate machine that has MAC layer access to the network of the server.

The nsd-control tool can output some statistics, with nsd-control stats and nsd-control stats_noreset. In contrib/nsd_munin_ there is a Munin grapher plugin that uses it. The output of nsd-control stats is easy to read (text only) with scripts. The output values are documented on the nsd-control man page.

Another available tool is dnstop, which displays DNS statistics on your network.